Matthew Stephens Productions

A Freelance Web Developer in Austin, Texas

MS Productions - Specializing in UI Design and Usability throughout Central Texas

Why hire Matthew Stephens?
Unique Experience

Not many designers can say they've started and run one of Alexa's top 500 largest web sites of all-time. Being the Co-Founder of has allowed me unique opportunities to learn what works and what doesn't. I take this experience and use it to leverage your website into the top position against your competition.

I have also worked extensively with design firms, search engine marketing firms, and print companies. I know quite a bit about all aspects of this business. I have forged relationships with many important industry leaders and can use them to improve your website where others could not.

Expert Knowledge

Writing a book on web design at the age of 19 is not something I brag about much, as I'm quite modest about these things. But this is a perfect example of just how knowledgable I am regarding web development. I have lectured at conferences, hosted radio shows, and taught classes at the University of Texas on web design.

My approach to learning new things hasn't failed me yet. I spend 3 months at a time devoted to what it is I'm interested in and refuse to focus on learning anything else until I'm an expert. After 7 years, I have picked up just about everything I can, but still have a long way to go.

Value and Professionalism

As experienced and talented as the previous paragaphs allude to, I am still considerably cheaper than any high-end design firm. I can afford to charge much less than my competition because I am doing it by myself without having to pay for the typical overhead.

I have also perfected a system for developing sites that increases efficiency tremendously and also improves the quality of communication between myself and the client. This almost always results in a better website and a satisfied customer. I have never had a client refuse to work with me after a site was developed. I will do whatever it takes to make sure you are happy with the website you were built.