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A Freelance Web Developer in Austin, Texas

MS Productions - Specializing in UI Design and Usability throughout Central Texas

Services offered by Matthew Stephens
Web Design

Web design is my specialty. I've been doing it for 7 years and have mastered the art of designing quickly to meet deadlines while maintaining the quality that I demand with each site. Here are some more designs that I've helped create over the past year. I have hundreds more, but to me, if it's not recent, it's not accurate. For more information on any of these projects, please contact me.

Before the Music Dies Myspace The Outdoorsmen Website Syndication Metrics Website UTCLE Website Wine Company Website Frisbee Company Website Jewelry Company Website Gift Website Gift of the Month Club Website Dating Website Subscription Website

Graphic Design

Over the years, I've had to teach myself Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Freehand, Flash, and other design programs for non-web use. From logos to brochures, I can tackle any print project with a thorough understanding of the industry and contacts at a dozen local printers to find you the cheapest price.

Matthew Larn Design Winter League Disc Design Winter League Disc Design Winter League Disc Design Frisbee Company Logo Cujo Logo Flameboyant Logo Austin Summer League 2003 Austin Summer League 2004

Programming Projects

While most great designers are poor at coding, I am one of those few that can offer both sides of the coin. I have worked with PHP and MySQL for 4 years now and can code just about anything you could want. However, I have my limitations. In the case that you need something too big for my skillset, I have a team of coders ready to work with me for an extremely low cost.